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American Fashion Flair!


Photography | Vonora

Photography | Aleksandr Dyskin

By Chisel | June 2, 2018





Fashion industry is a flourishing industry and the reason behind its success is the radical changes which makes it’s a hub of diverse cultures. The great fashion capitals like Paris, Milan, London and not to forget New York is a great attraction for the fashion designers and fashion followers.


Now days, the new generation of designers has begun showering their creations to the most demanding runways of the United States, even with permanent presence of labels.


America is one of the leading countries in fashion design industry. Apart from the professional business attires, the American fashion industry is extensive, wide ranging and for the most part informal. With the diversity in the American culture and Americans’ diverse cultural roots everything is reflected in their clothing items. From their fabric to the uniqueness in their style particularly with the recent immigrants, cowboy hats, leather motorcycle jackets, boots are now emblematic of American styles.

Being the centers of America’s fashion industry, New York City and Los Angeles are considered to be the leading fashion capitals. New York City is in general considered to be one of the “big four” global fashion capitals. The fashion norms in the State have changed impressively between decades. The United States of America has followed, and in some cases directed, trends in the history of Western fashion. It has some exceptional local clothing styles, such as western wear to the headquarters of many leading designer labels like Calvin Klein, 

Ralph Lauren and the very famous Victoria’s Secret. Not just this, the 

other labels similar to Abercrombie & Fitch are catering to various niche 

markets, for instance pre-teens. A different trend in the United States is quite a hype these days is sustainable clothing. This new trend has led to the development of organic cotton T-shirts from brands like BeGood Clothing. Now just in terms of labels, the New York Fashion Week is the most influential fashion weeks in the world and it allows the new talents and designers to showcase their designs to the world in late summer every year. Read More: Buy Issue Now & Receive A FREE Digital Copy!

Model is wearing Vivienne Hu in BB.

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