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We, The Blossoming
Fruits Of Their Labor



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Floral Designer: Eliza Iqbal @floralfeels_

Model: Jasmine Metiver @jasminemetiver

Photographer: Ashley Jacklyn

Cinematographer: Anthony Steverson @asteverson

Studio: Grayscale Studios @grayscale.studios

MUA & Stylist: Dhara Brahmbhatt @dharaaab

Creative Director: Dhara Brahmbhatt

Despite the millions of things that make all of us different, there is one thing that makes us all the same. We all came from a woman. And there’s no better time than National Women’s Month to remind ourselves of that! Through our creative process, we hope to give love, honor, and pay respects, to every woman who came before us. With our art, we thank them for each and every one of their choices, that give us the opportunities we are blessed with today. Due to the sacrifices of many women in each of our bloodlines, we are all given the privilege to be whoever we want. How many women that you know, selflessly sacrificed needs to make you who you are today?

That question was the spark that set off this firework of a project. Due to social media, and the ability to reach people around the world we are given the privilege to make something of ourselves. We have outlets to display our talents to the masses as the click of a finger. We can finally pay back everyone that came before us and sacrificed for us by living our lives to the fullest. Despite where you come from, despite what has happened in your past, your future and the future of your kids are all within grasp. All you must do is reach out! Each of us come from such different backgrounds but one thing we can’t deny is how mind blowing it is that we are currently living for the days we used to pray for. We live in a time our ancestors built for us. So how could we sit idly by and not live out our purpose?

Our team for this project is a culmination of four strong minority women and three motivated and dedicated minority men. We are all from different corners the world, but we came together, despite our differences for one common goal, to be thankful for where we are, honor how we got here, and inspire ourselves to do better for our future. In that process we found something even more beautiful. Instead of seeing and acknowledging all our differences, we only found similarities. It made us realize that despite how different the places we come from are, we all come from a strong bloodline of people who are brilliant, resilient, loving, caring, and nurturing. Because of them, we are love. And that language is universal.


The best part of this experience is how it changed how I look at the world. Isn’t it magical...? When you realize that every one of us, literally every single person on this earth, is a product of thousands of years of rich history. Thousands of years of love stories, and heartbreak, extraordinary experiences, and anguish, forgotten voyages, and haunting tales of valor. Realizing this small detail, suddenly made the 7.753 billion people across this vast rocky plant feel as close and familiar as neighbors.

It made me finally see the person sitting next to me on the subway as more than just a 30-year-old grumpy lady in a pantsuit. She was the product of the same love, respect, care, and most importantly sacrifices of her entire blood line. I finally saw the people around me as my own. I finally understood how to love thy neighbor and even better honor and love myself.


None of us can change the past, though God knows I wish I could, but I know one thing. I can change the future. We can change the future. WE can continue the work of our loved ones an get us closer to living out our dreams. At the same time, we will be fulfilling the dreams of every woman before us and ending the cycle of regret.


This project shows the model jasmine represents us all, coming out and blooming as our best selves from the fruits of our ancestor’s labor. As a result of each of their decisions. We are the pillars that will keep building on their dreams, sacrifices, and goals to create a better future for our children. It is our responsibility to create an even better world for a smaller version of us. Are you up for the challenge? I dare you to try because you’re never alone. We’re all by your side. Always.

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