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Groovey Lew Influences Through Styling & Community Service



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It’s astonishing how a small city, for example, Mount Vernon, New York, can embody a wide variety of premiere talents who were able to become world renowned celebrities. The diversity is so vast as the list includes Denzel Washington, Diddy, Stephanie Mills, Art Carney, Phylicia Rashad, Dick Clark, Heavy D. & The Boyz, Misa Hilton, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Tami Roman, E.B. White, Ben Gordon, Justin Dior Combs, Gus Williams and many other radiant personalities. Another name was pinned to the list of celebrities because of his major contributions to styling the biggest artists in Hip Hop and R&B: Groovey Lew!


When the groundbreaking Bad Boy record label was a mere blueprint, Groovey Lew was there! When Craig Mack and Notorious B.I.G. were in need of fashion styling for their debut music videos, Groovey Lew was there! And here’s another gem to highlight this iconic fashion king: When Sean Combs was in search of a timeless name for his new fashion brand, it was Groovey Lew who coined the name Sean John. Once again making his touch a magical touch that stretches from one generation to the next. The Sean John fashion brand has launched sophisticated and sexy campaigns with Cassie, Tyson Beckford and Mase. Sean Combs took home an estimated $70 million when Global Brand Groups purchased a stake in his clothing company Sean John, Forbes reports. Diddy still owns a reported 20 percent of the company.


Nowadays in between styling Hip Hop notables like Jadakiss and Lil Wayne, several public speaking opportunities become available for the humble gentleman to speak with large crowds to ultimately spread wisdom about the fashion business. Groovey Lew was a featured guest at the Revolt TV Summit in 2019, discussing the 

importance of culture leadership, fashion and style.


This fashion icon is constantly on the move!

Model, Groovey Lew

Photographer, Jordi Foster

Designer, Catouwear

Stylist, Josue Champagne

Stylist, Diamond Harvell (African Garments)

Male Grooming, Samantha Velling

Location, IMI Studios, Soho NYC

Art Directors, Billie Blunt & Jordi Foster

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BBM: R.I.P. Andre Harrell. Can you recall one of your most memorable moments being around Andre Harrell? 

Groovey Lew: He gave me my first check. I used to visit Uptown Records all the time. I would go there to sell weed. One day, Andre gave me a $1,000 check to style Soul 4 Real. I was used to selling 50 bags of weed in the office. Then that one Monday happened. God sent me.


BBM: It was a major accomplishment by Andre Harrell and his entire team at Uptown. At that time, Diddy went by the name of Puff Daddy. Did you recognize his special work ethic right away or did it take some time?

Groovey Lew: I saw that special work ethic right away. He outworked everybody as an intern. He got people at Uptown to trust him.


BBM: I appreciate the way you gave yourself a job at Bad Boy. You didn’t wait for Diddy to give you something to do. You took initiative. What made you jump on the opportunity to style Craig Mack?

Groovey Lew: The courage is always in us, coming from Mount Vernon. We come from a town of.....

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