Model SlayMasterBri Aims

To Lead By Example On &

Off The Runway

SEPTEMBER 28, 2020  |  Photography by Kevin Russell of @k.antoniomedia

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Model Name: SlayMasterBri
Hometown: Chicago, llinois 
Height: 5’8" without heels 
Size: Measurements 34-26-35
Favorite Designer: Olivier Rousteing, Balmain's Creative Director
Favorite Fashion Show: Balmain Spring 2015 /Fenty Fall 2017-2019 (Just all of it! Rihanna does NO WRONG!) (Manifesting walking a Fenty Runway.)
Favorite Shoes: I love love love my heels, with my favorite probably being Public Desire on the low end, Prada on the high, but I also love a good Jordan or Air Force I.
Favorite Car: G63 AMG Mercedes Benz Gwagon. 
Favorite Vacation Place: Anywhere Love is but I would love to go to Africa, Thailand, and Cavo Tagoo.
Favorite Person on Instagram: My favorite person on IG is a woman named Faren Aimee. She is a Queen in every aspect of the word. She’s helpful, talented, caring, motivating and positive. Not to mention she keeps me laughing. Go give her a follow. I’m sure you’ll agree! 
Favorite Food: Asian, Spanish cuisine and Soul food!
Favorite Music Artist: PJ Morton, Sade, Snoh Allegra, Summer Walker, Jasmine Sullivan and Fred Hammond
Favorite Song Now: Don’t Let Go by PJ Morton
Favorite Snack: Avocado English Muffin with Tomato 
Favorite Curse Word: I don’t really curse often but I guess if I had to pick a favorite it would be s@$!
Favorite Movie: Love and Basketball until the end of time.
Motivation: Other than my family, I am motivated by the many women who feel like they will never accomplish the dreams they have in their hearts. I hope to show them that with hard work, dedication and an attitude that hears nothing negative, anything is possible.
Most Embarrassing Moment In Fashion: Embarrassing huh? Well, I had to wear a piece that was a full blazer/dress plunge neck.  As I was coming down the runway the top button snapped open and my little boob was now a part of the show!
Most Proudest Moment In Fashion: There are truly so many moments in my career that I am proud to have accomplished or even to be a part of. I am just thankful to be here amongst the greats and upcoming greats, to have even walked the same runways is truly a dream.





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