International Actress &

Singer Jasmine Métivier 

Is Grateful

AUGUST 17, 2020


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Jasmine Mètivier's single GRATEFUL is

available on all music stream platforms.

Model Name: Jasmine Métivier 
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York 
Height: 5’9"
Size: 4
Favorite Designer: Depends on how I’m feeling. 
Favorite Fashion Show: Victoria's Secret 
Favorite Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Favorite Car: Lamborghini 
Favorite Vacation Place: India 
Favorite Person on Instagram: Will Smith 
Favorite Food: Seafood 
Favorite Music Artist: Michael Jackson
Favorite Song Now: I have so many lol 
Favorite Snack: Dark chocolate almonds & Strawberry  
Favorite Curse Word: Fuck 
Favorite Movie: Love Jones 
Motivation: You only live once 
Most Embarrassing Moment In Fashion: No such thing lol 
Most Proudest Moment In Fashion: Black designers getting a platform.


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