Megi Kavtaradze Serving Looks From Tbilisi, Georgia To New York

AUGUST 10, 2020


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Model Name:  Megi Kavtaradze
Hometown:  Tbilisi, Georgia
Height: 5'9"
Size: S 121pounds
Favorite Designer: Demna Gvasalia
Favorite Fashion Show: Balenciaga The CATASTROPHE
Favorite Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Favorite Car: Lamborgini
Favorite Vacation Place: Bora Bora
Favorite Person on Instagram: Kendall Jenner
Favorite Food: Pasta and Caviar
Favorite Music Artist: Eminem
Favorite Song Now: Femma Like You - Monaldin
Favorite Snack: Nachos with Guacamole
Favorite Curse Word: Shit
Favorite Movie: Interstellar
Motivation: Never beg, force or chase. Support create and attract. 
Most Embarrassing Moment In Fashion: I was asked for giving an interview about unknown designer on New York Fashion week. I tried my best pretending that I knew his work very well and even more, gave some advice.
Most Proudest Moment In Fashion: Becoming a partner sponsor of Tbilisi Fashion Week, 2018. 

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