10 Reasons Why Networking Fails!

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Attending the hottest fashion industry party could be the beginning of new relationships of prosperity or a mere memory of a lit party.


Are you a fashion addict who is in pursuit of making important contacts within the fashion industry? Do you constantly try and try, but continue to smash into a solid brick wall? Maybe it's time for you to get out of your own way by simply adopting new networking habits.

So you're chillin' on your comfortable couch in the living room, watching a movie on Netflix for the seventh time, and your smartphone rings. You receive a call from one of your fashion influencer friends who invites you to a magazine release party in midtown Manhattan. In an animated manner she tells you about all the tastemakers and celebrities who are expected to attend this event, so you rush off the phone, flee to your closet to select your best garments to garner killer compliments throughout the night.

So the party is lit! It's a serious platform that offers a buffet of opportunities! But, let's take a look at why many people do not benefit from new contacts for years to come:


Sometimes we are so passionate about our new projects that we want others to engage immediately and join our campaign to help stimulate growth. Immediately! Being aggressive is a great quality to possess, but once your aggression becomes overbearing it may cause new contacts to become uninterested. You can try being aggressive by giving consistent follow-ups possibly once or twice per week. Consistency is one of the roots of success.


You're a very outgoing person, right? There is zero shyness about you! Without hesitation you will introduce yourself to a stranger, win him over with your unmatched charm, and have him following you on Instagram within seven minutes. The person may find you interesting, but you may want to monitor his response level as you reach the thirty minute mark of the conversation. Some people are too polite to kindly dismiss you for the moment so they give clues and hints by checking their smartphones regularly and/or their eyes may wander unvaryingly. You must gauge how long to stick around. The fashion event is probably three hours long so use your time wisely to interact with several arousing individuals. The person you are conversing with may want to interact with others as well.


Try not to convey too much information to someone you are encountering for the very first time. Many people seem to embellish the truth at times, which is a common practice throughout the fashion industry. Name dropping is a common practice as well. Try to keep your excitement at a moderate degree. Speak honestly about your business venture and new projects. All lies will soon be exposed and your new contacts will disperse.


Being yourself is the finest quality to contribute to a any conversation. Normally when a conversation is amazing we want to exchange contact information to keep in touch and build some type of relationship. Well, weeks later, months later, you have to remember all of those embellishing stories you once uttered when first introduced. Being liked in today's world seems to be important as oxygen, which leads to many false promises, and relationships reaching its quick demise. Your sincerity, business knowledge, and passion for your business should be enough to generate interest from newcomers. People who want to see you win will help you along the way.


It's important to speak truth into your social network post, especially when you are tagging the person. Some people make a selfie and a ninety seconds conversation seem like a night of hanging out! Pause! This is a huge turn-off. No need to write a caption about your upcoming project with someone you met thirty minutes ago. You might be adding unnecessary pressure to this new person. It's best to make your social network post simple and truthful.

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