Robert Wilmote Flexes Muscle With Comedy Skits

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BB STAFF  |  AUGUST 10, 2020


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Robert Wilmote is a professional body builder who apparently takes his fitness training regimen very seriously. He also has a strong sense of humor on his Instagram page and in real life. His timeline has become a must-visit several times per week just to witness what happens next: Who's platter of unhealthy food will he kick out of their hands? Which fast food restaurant will he storm into just to scold a fitness student? Furthermore, YES....Kick the tray insane!

Robert Wilmote's hilariously robotic walk towards people devouring unhealthy food is making people seriously consider changing their diet simultaneously while laughing their asses off!

Recent coordinated efforts with Michael Blackson demonstrates the quality of Robert's character as he wasn't eclipsed by Michael Blackson, their hilarious coexistence is an ideal match!

Definitely two funny neegas!

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