By Tasha Howard  |  Photography by Alakoo | June 2, 2018




As the weather slightly shifts towards the change after the winter season, we have all the top fashion weeks of the world giving us ideas about the latest fashion trends to be followed in upcoming weathers spring and summer. Now that the top fashion weeks of Milan, Paris, NY and London are already gone, we have plenty of new ideas to refresh our wardrobes for spring and summer. The difference of the outfits, styles and accessories being worn in spring and summer is vivid on the runways and we can select the fashion items according to the feel of the weather. Spring season has mixed feelings of warmth and chill and sometimes we feel like wearing crop tops while in the evening we need to throw a trench coat over it to save ourselves from the cold breeze. While summer means feeling hot and need to be airy and its confirmed that more skin will be exposed in this season, so the outfits will be the ones that can cover the flaws and highlight the gorgeous features of your silhouette.


One obvious fashion trend in Spring 2018 is the jumpsuit. We saw a variety in vintage-inspiration style at Gucci many other top brands launched some elegant and cute jumpsuits on recent runways, making it clear that they are going to be a staple for our spring wardrobes. They are cool and airy yet give a style boost to every body shape.

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