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Fashion | Adrian Alicea

Model | Stella Kim 

Model | Yeo Sihyun 

Model | Mathias 

MUA | Chandrima Deb 

Stylist | Bella Iris O’Brien




The Quarantine Era Didn't Stop Adrian Alicea's 

Fall 2020 Collection

BB STAFF  |  AUGUST 10, 2020

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As once a model himself, Adrian Alicea was initially discovered at the famous nightclub “The Tunnel” by Rae Dawn Chong. Mr. Chong had invited Adrian to walk for Thierry Mugler’s couture show in Paris. His career grew rapidly and with persistence and commitment there became opportunities working with Fashion Gods in Europe: Hermes, Giorgio Armani, JeanPaul Gaultier, 

Gianfranco Ferre, Vivienne Westwood, and Patricia Fields.


BBM: So much is happening in our country. How are you coping with this Corona Virus Era and the protesting and riots?


Adrian Alicea: Its been difficult because I lost a brother due to Covid-19. I stay home and practice social distancing.  I have created masks for customers, businesses and private clients to honor his memory. Being creative has helped me cope with the challenges we face. I have posted past pictures with models showing I have always supported Black Lives Matter. I have been reaching out to people who have had their challenges and getting depressed.


BBM: Is all of this a distraction for your creative fashion design process?


Adrian Alicea: Yes, it has been a distraction because of the overload of information we are receiving. It brings fear to most of us. I push fear away and focus on the positive. We will overcome this.


BBM: You have a very loyal base of customers. How do you keep your customers excited about the Adrian Alicea brand?


Adrian Alicea: I keep my customers excited by being consistent with posting my creations and showing my collection during New York Fashion Week, working multiple platforms in other cities with new projects, designs, pop up shops and upcoming events. 


BBM: What’s amazing about your story is that you were self taught. How did you teach yourself fashion design?


Adrian Alicea: I taught myself how to design by........


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