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Fashion Mourn A King:

Chadwick Boseman

BB STAFF  |  SEPT. 7, 2020

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Chadwick Boseman - The Black Panther Lives On!

Chadwick Boseman’s name has become synonymous with black empowerment and his legacy will never die. 

Boseman was raised in South Carolina. After graduating from Howard University, Boseman began to pursue acting professionally. The start of his career was not very glamorous. From 2008 to 2010, the actor only made appearances in television shows, which obviously would not be the apex of his career.

Boseman got his first major role in 2012, when he starred in the independent movie, The Kill Hole. His performance in this movie caught the attention of the team behind 42. They engaged the actor to play the role of baseball player Jackie Robinson in the movie 42. The positive feedback that Boseman received from this role led to even greater acting opportunities.

Chadwick Boseman went on to depict singer James Brown in Get on Up. From his roles in 42 and Get on Up, Chadwick developed a reputation for portraying others in films. He was called upon to play the role of Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall in the movie Marshall. 

Throughout his career, Boseman appeared in many impactful films and played memorable roles. However, the role that cemented the actor as a hero to African Americans and others across the world was King T’Challa, a superhero and the leader of Wakanda in Black Panther, Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. His role in Black Panther is historic because it was the very first time that a black actor headlined a movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While the grief-stricken world of entertainment will always remember Chadwick Boseman's memorable contributions to the arts, his fashion style on the red carpet will also be remembered. Working alongside his stylist Ashley Weston, his red carpet appearance would always command photographers' lens to be focused on to his suave attire. From Met Gala to the Golden Globes to the Academy Awards, Mr. Boseman was recognized as one of the best-dressed men in entertainment.

The beloved African American actor was diagnosed with cancer the same year he changed the world forever with Black Panther. He struggled with the disease for years without making it public. Sadly, on August 28, 2020, Chadwick Boseman died from medical issues related to cancer. 

Boseman might be gone, but his name and his legacy will live on.


Wakanda forever!