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Black Lives Matter

Is More Than A Trend

BB STAFF  |  AUGUST 10, 2020


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#BlackLivesMatter is a trend. Not. #BlackLivesMatter is a movement. Hmmm......Not! Black Lives Matter is a way of life due to the perpetual attempt to disassembling foundational bigotry and considering law implementation responsible when unlawful killings of African Americans happen. While there are numerous contentions with respect to why brands ought not be engaged with political speech, accepting that people of color should matter is certainly not a factional issue. We are seeing brands all things considered, all ventures, express their concerns about racial injustice and react vocally for the absolute first time. This practice is trending in the business world. 


All things considered, while the facts should confirm that your brand plays a supporting job in the issues of today, for some business executives realizing the proper method to get involved can be an overwhelming undertaking. In spite of the fact that corporations are likewise learning as they go, and will proceed to adjust and develop their own insight base as a group, we welcome all attempts to help eliminate systemic racism and police brutality in America.

Black Lives Matter was founded on July 13, 2013. So why is corporate America showing support 7 years later?

Like politicians, organizations have a propensity for embracing disagreeable positions the second those disagreeable positions are no longer disliked. Obviously, for Black Lives Matter, that second is currently: Public help for the Black Lives Matter development spiked as of late. Organizations like Ben and Jerry's, which freely embraced the development in 2016, are a special case that demonstrates the standard. 


Whether brand backing of Black Lives Matter is self-intrigued, it is important that brands are deciding to sparkle a light on foundational shameful acts as opposed to being detached observers. 

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