Fashionably Painted

By JC Chen

BB STAFF |  AUGUST 10, 2020




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BBM: How long have you been a body-painting artist?

JC Chen: I fell in love with drawing as a child, and was exposed to body painting while studying art at The Cooper Union. I have been fine-tuning my skills for well over 10 years.


BBM: What inspired the artistic composition on 


JC Chen: I was inspired by Teresa’s beauty and body line as a professional swimmer and turn that into a canvas for artistic expression. I felt the bikinis 

composition best drew out her curves and most 

outstanding features as an Asian fashion model.  

BBM: Do you create body paint designs for a variety of body types? For example, full-figure, petite, and dark complexions?

JC Chen: Yes, I love to work on all body types.  

Different lines, curves, and shapes offer different 

challenges and opportunities as an artist.


BBM: What’s an average price for a full body paint design?

JC Chen: I average $400 to $600 per design, 

depending on the time and materials required.

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