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Photography | Pamela Paige |

Photography | Pamela Paige |

Kait Silver Necklace: Model: Kait Tesni

Designer: Mirina Collections | Make-up: Alinn Leeve

Faith Peacock | Model: Faith Malinowski | MUA: Alinn Leeve

Beaded Princess | Model & MUA: Zinniah Munoz | 

Alinn Feather | Model: Alinn Leeve | MUA: Zinniah Munoz


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A front row seat has greater value when models are adorned in high quality garments when walking the runway. It's clearly the best seat in the building, though some photographers in the media pit may disagree. BB was a media sponsor for NYC Live @ NYFW, which was executive produced by founder William Reid. His fashion show at 4 West 43rd was inclusive to American designers and International designers. :::READ NOW:::

America is one of the leading countries in fashion design industry. Apart from the professional business attires, the American fashion industry is extensive, wide ranging and for the most part informal. With the diversity in the American culture and Americans’ diverse cultural roots everything is reflected in their clothing items. :::READ NOW:::




Very ambitious model Aliepson is an international and published runway Model with incredible physical features and a distinctive walk. She managed to make her mark in the industry in a short period of time. With a successful career, she managed to participate in world top fashion weeks like London Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week. Not just this, she has opened and closed shows for “Patricia Michaels”, “Tammy Rivera”, “Karen King”, as well as VH1’s “Lisa Nicole Cloud.” :::READ NOW:::

As the weather slightly shifts towards the change after the winter season, we have all the top fashion weeks of the world giving us ideas about the latest fashion trends to be followed in upcoming weathers spring and summer. Now that the top fashion weeks of Milan, Paris, NY and London are already gone, we have plenty of new ideas to refresh our wardrobes for spring and summer.

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By Monica Writer | June 1, 2018



BB is associated with RISE of The Independent Magazines, a consortium of independent magazines that was established by BB editor-in-chief Billie Blunt and Fashion Avenue News Magazine editor-in-chief Sofia Davis.

During NYFW in September 2017, RISE held their very first Live Mannequin Showroom at 4 West 43rd St, in one of the busiest sections of Manhattan. People who was just walking by the bay windows of 4 West 43rd St. had no idea that they would become bystanders to witness elegant models posing in bay windows while wearing couture garments from American and International designers. 

Exquisite designer Karen Lewis Caruso, founder of Cashmere & Pearls LLC. was one of the designers who had garments on models, and her beautiful collection was available for sale at the Live Mannequin Showroom.

RISE is currently organizing the next Live Mannequin Showroom which will be in association with FAAB Fashion Week. Full details to be published on our website. As for now, go to BBTV to see video footages of the event.

RISE was Live with

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Was Drake verbally harpooned? If so, how soon can the superstar recover? The verbal assassination really begins when Pusha-T spits, "Drug dealing aside, ghostwriting aside- let's have a heart-to-heart about your pride." Pusha-T's released song, "The Story of Adidon" is strategically filled with intense topics such as race, deadbeat dads, lack of self-esteem and multiple sclerosis. Pusha's thorough research has even discovered photos of Drake in black face and wearing clothing with a Jim Crow design. Now allegedly there is a 100K offer for anyone who has dirt on Pusha-T. Drake fans impatiently awaits his comeback!

Creative Director Alessandro Michele is leading Gucci to Paris on September 24th to show its Spring 2019 Collection. Gucci, the Italian brand's creative director, Alessandro Michele aims to pay homage to the French capital.

Gucci's plan to unveil its new collection in Paris was already shared with the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana and the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode.

Photography |

By Monica Writer

Photography | Sbukley

By Monica Writer

Balenciaga rocked Instagram - Again! Whenever we see fashion garments with shock value, probably more shock value than a Rick Owens garment, there's a good chance the garment belongs to Balenciaga. The $1,290 t-shirt button-up shirt actually broke the internet, and the amount of memes were in the hundreds. Art Director & Head Designer at Belenciaga, Demna Gvasalia, seems to be pushing all the right buttons to captivate the fashion market.

Photography | Tea

By Chisel

Rapper Pusha-T always had credibility in the hip hop underground market. Simply an underground rapper no more. His fame has been ignited significantly over the past 10 days as his recent Drake diss song "The Story of Adidon" is a main topic in the hip hop world!

Pusha was able to reach for skeletons and expose those skeletons to the eyes of millions. According to Pusha, it's going to be a surgical summer, which makes us wonder what other skeletons will be exposed?

Photography | Christian Bertrand

By Edward Williams

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